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Import Services and Shipping Instructions

Services before and after your hunt provided by Taxidermy Unlimited

Import ServicesPrior to your hunt we will go over what animals you want to harvest. We will inform you the  part of the hides to ship back. Tags will be provided with your name and Taxidermy Unlimited, which be used to identify your trophies. One tag will identify the horns the second will identify your hides.

We will provide shipping instructions. On these instructions will be Taxidermy Unlimited’s  and our brokers address and contact information. You will be providing these documents to your outfitter  along with the identification tags.This will expedite the shipping process.

After your hunt and your trophies have been shipped the shipper will provide an air way bill number to Taxidermy unlimited and the broker for shipment tracking.

All shipments will arrive  in Chicago, IL. our closest port of entry. In Chicago you shipment will be inspected by the USDA, US Customs, and the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Once the shipment is cleared your trophies will be sent to Taxidermy Unlimited. Upon shipment arrival all broker fees and a 50% deposit on taxidermy charges will be due.

Please contact Betty Gaston before your hunt.


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